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Hive is comprised of veteran vanilla raiders, raiders who have returned from an absense and up and coming raiders looking to be part of a progression focused team. We house a collection of people who wanted a mixture of serious progression mixed with fun, were tired of what other guilds offered or were otherwise looking for a new start. Our core has shared many successes and cleared through content ranging from previous achievements such as BANE and HM RS to more recent events, clearing 13/14 Regular SoO in two weeks and pushing into heroics. We have 14/14 Heroic and 13/14 Mythic under our belt.

Currently we are sitting at 4/7 Heroic Highmaul progression. 

We currently call Eredar, a competitive yet friendly raiding atmosphere, steady economy, and otherwise healthy medium-pop PVP server, home to the Hive.  We host a dedicated, fun yet solid 2-3 night a week heroic team and are recruiting to fill ranks for mythic WoD.

Hive is always looking for individuals committed to building a great raid team and those who are willing to do what it takes to defeat new content. We constantly strive to become as successful as we can be, as a team, guild, and individual raiders. If you enjoy raid progression, having a good time with a tight group of like-minded people and don't eat paint chips - this is the place for you!

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Xanathie, Sodowoodo, Walker, Norezfou, Vynstollan
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